Ian Burn in the Burn's Finsbury Park flat, London; [left] "Re-ordered Painting No. 2"; [right] "Yellow Blue Equivalence", postcard of Frank Stella's "Bam", 1966; 1966-67

Ian Burn et al. is a long research query focusing on the legacy of Ian Burn, and the work of his network of peers. A series of public events, publications and writing follows:

  1. Two SlideshowsEvent
  2. Art & Working Life slide-kit, UMSPublication
  3. Art & Working Life Panel DiscussionEvent
  4. Adrian Piper: "Ian Burn's Conceptualism"Essay
  5. Other Than Art's SakeScreening
  6. Benison Kilby: "Deskilling and Post-Fordist Forms of Work in Ian Burn's 'Systematically Altered Photographs', 1968"Essay